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Chasing Shade

I used to run.
I used to ride.
I used to climb.
Like the wind.
I jog
I trudge
I work—
to get stronger on flats that should be easy.
The sun beats me down
crushes me
depletes me
wears me out.
My body grows

chasing shade.

You run, you lope, you flow—
easily gaining power.
The heat draws you in, offering you potency and might.
I’m drowning
in molasses

sluggish and tired.

You’re a gazelle, lithe and energetic.

I spend my time, my energy, my sources,
attempting to keep up.

It all used to be so effortless and fluent.
We traversed it all with ease. We stayed on the same track,

side by side,
up and down
together as one.

Now I’m fading
our tracks now different.

The sun leads you home while it reduces me to a shadow
of what I once was.

Chasing shade leads me in circles
while you increase your distance—

away from me

drowning in the shade.

Wendy Fiore, 2010