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My Life in Status – 2010

I’m sorry, but I LOVE the movie Up!  I can’t stand how much I love it  * cannot believe that her first-born is 8 today.  Not sure how it happened, but it was a blink of an eye. * How can I have such lovely dogs that misbehave so??  Sigh…  *  MUST STOP EATING CAKE!  Good grief!  Take it away!  *  is tired.  *  Oh, to just be able to ski for a few days a week all season.  This working for a living (and working a few jobs) is really interfering with my living! ☺  *  Why do the sick children still get up SO early?  It makes for a very long and tiring day, and we can’t even leave the house!  ☺  *  so…it’s 8:30 on a Saturday night…is it too early to go to bed?  (Let’s rate that question’s lameness, shall we???)  *  is bored.  *  “You came from Heaven to earth to show the way.  From the earth to the cross my debt to pay.  From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky.  Lord, I lift Your name on high.”  Happy Easter, everyone!  *  Note found on the counter: “Dear Self, I need to remember to put my homework in a safe spot so my dad won’t throw it out.  From, Madison.”  Come on now!  That is some funny stuff right there!  *  is…considering…  *  Emerson’s first front (top) tooth came out (LOVE that look!!)…and when I say “came out” I mean finally convinced Grandma to yank it out as she held back tears because it hurt so much.  BUT…it came out (pictures to follow) and now I have to go make sure the Tooth Fairy will come!  *  is going riding.  Wish me luck and watch out for all those bike riders out there.  *  another tooth out of Emer’s mouth!  The girl’s going to have to eat pudding for months!  *  “No, you can’t play in the Slip ‘n Slide when you’ve been up all night coughing”…(as Daddy sets it up and says, “Sure!)  I’ve lost the battle, I think.  *  SCHOOL’S…OUT…FOR……….SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!  *  okay…there HAS to be a better way to “prep” for a colonoscopy!  That was the worst 36 hours of my life!  *  Wimbledon into Tour de France…I love summer!  *  taco dip and lemon pie made…yum.  *  Note to self: Next time the 6-year-old asks, “Mommy, can I paint your toenails?” say NO!  hehehe… ☺  *  “God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain.  But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”  *  My girl…my alarm clock…my jump out of bed and conquer the world daughter…slept until 7:50 this morning for the first time in her life!  *  saw the sunrise this morning and thought nothing could top it, but just came from the sunset…hmmmm…  *  night swimming with the girls, hearing the belly laughs…so worth the late bed time and the crankies tomorrow.  *  I am tired of cancer.  Tired of grandbabies never knowing their grandparents.  Tired of children losing their parents.  Tired of parents losing their children.  Tired of friends losing friends.  I am tired of this hideous thief.  *  Did I really just give Julia Louis Dreyfus directions to CVS??   *  Ran 4 miles in the dark.  NOT recommended!  *  okay…I know I’m a book person and I hate movies made from books…(that’s my disclaimer) …but I LOVED How to Train a Dragon!  I won’t say that I liked it better than the book because, you know, let’s not get crazy.  But what a great choice (thank you, Madison) for a cuddling family movie night!  *  is grateful, gratified, thankful, blessed.



She fades, withers, struggles in HIS absence.
Surviving without her SUN — impossible.
Agony with every memory ~
Every breath painful.

Her body staggers with its light source gone.
How did people endure this?
Women throughout the centuries?
She wouldn’t live, she knew.

No brave countenance seeps inward. Only the deep, raw, gaping wound oozes and exposes itself, revealing the anguish of the gash, as it slowly encompasses the last shreds of strength.

Images blurred ~ tunneled and dark as she withdraws from the presence of consciousness.

Voices garbled ~ small and echoing in the distance as she spins down within the deep recesses of her mind.

No comfort offered by anyone has any affect on the mounting lesion.


She will not overcome.

She despairs,
Reaches up for her soul ~
Some vestige of what once was.

HE was here, just moments ago, just days ago, just years ago.

Grasps at the air


Wendy Fiore – 2010