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A Gift…again

Twenty-one, now at last
It’s taken so long it seems.
The years have gone oh so slowly
So quickly through my fears.

It was just a season ago,
Or maybe it was two,
That I held you
Read and warm and new.

You were my life
You brought to me
A spirit
Through the strife.

I look upon all those years
And wonder where they’ve gone.
Hoping I didn’t miss too much
Knowing it wasn’t long.

Now that you
Have come of age,
I hope
You’ll understand
How your father
Has loved you so
At times
Not easy to see.

But I hope
In time you’ll see
Exactly what
You mean to me.

~Written by Anthony Giglio — a poem for his daughters a hundred years ago — found recently.
I miss you, old man!