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The rhythm of my heart beats only for you.
Until you came I had never known love.
Until you arrived I had never felt the desire —
Never even knew the hole existed.
The rhythm measured only time
Kept pace
A steady, meaningless cadence.

How women have ached for such completion,
Manic about fulfilling the desire.
for the flesh of their insides to make them whole.

I never had that hunger
Self-sufficient to a fault.
Keep a distance, build the walls
Need no one.
Don’t be like the weaker sex.
How weak they became
The blubbering fools over the plea to feel
Happiness hanging in the balance of such a tiny human being.

But, oh, who had the shallow life?
Who lived only on the periphery,
A marginal, insignificant existence?

What did they think of my ignorance?

You are the beat of my heart ~
The best of my life.
You are the breath of my lungs ~
The breadth of my life.
You are the depth of my soul ~
The wisdom of my life.

You are the pulse of my life…the purpose…
In its entirety.
Flesh of my flesh —
Our flesh —
Brought to life
To bring life to me.


Wendy Fiore – 2011