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Displacing Quicksand

Never without work.

Never without money.

But always without peace and contentment.


1977 to present, and into the future with a project in post-production for 2015, he never had a year without work.


The work, full of hilarity and merriment for the amusement of the world, forever concealed his joyless reality.


Forty years of jovial work, all the while drowning in a dark abyss, relentlessly trying to displace quicksand…an impossible feat.


How could he have acted so happy?


Praying for your peace and tranquility, Mr. Williams.

You will be missed.

Wendy Fiore 2014



Empty Neighbors

Daisy and I walked our morning route through our small circle.

A family moved out Saturday.

A family of lively, noisy boys.

Bikes, balls, bats, toys of all styles and sorts littered the driveway and yard daily.

Wheels screeching,

Voices squealing,

Giggles, fighting, laughing, yelling.

Army games whizzing through the bushes and surrounding yards.

We’d find them in our bushes hiding from the enemy.

All summer long

Day and night.

It now sits pristine…

And silent.

The neighborhood not quite the same.

Was this the hole felt by our neighbors when we left?

Did we take all our lively noise with us

Leaving nothing but empty silence…

Empty neighbors?


Wendy Fiore 8/7/14