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The innocence blotted out with the constant barrage of murder.


Religion against religion —

Race against race —

Color against color —


Why is it always this way, all in the “name” of something — all claiming a righteous cause?


Does each deity really demand all this destruction and death? If so, why worship it?


Nothing moves forward, each act of terrorism a step backwards. Where is the sanity and reason? Instead it all perpetuates savagery and madness.


Perhaps the world needs a book study:

Lord of the Rings…?

Lord of the Flies…?

…just the Lord???


We all live on this globe. We destroy it without care along with all the people upon it.


This is our legacy    …      …      …         ?



Wendy Giglio Fiore – September 2017



Mercy & Christmas


The innocence of the season

Once again gets blotted out

with the constant barrage of murder,

en masse and one by one.

Religion again religion

Race against race,

Group against group

All in name of something or someone.

All claiming a cause,

Nothing moving forward —

Each slaying a step backwards

Carried out without pause.

Where is the sanity and reason?

How can acting like savage animals

Ever help us rise above any evil?

America is left with open lesions.

“When we remember that we are all mad,

the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

Mark Twain, 1898

100 years ago just as much madness —

Brutal, heartless lunacy?

Has it changed at all,

Or only grown stronger in its practice?

This is more than folly and absurdity,

A difference of opinions.

It’s savage and barbaric,

Pure unrestrained anarchy.

We are all but global citizens

Upon this sphere for our short time.

Is this how we want to make our mark?

Burning, destroying every living thing?

“Christmas is not a time nor a season,

but a state of mind.

To cherish peace and goodwill,

To be plenteous in mercy,

Is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

Calvin Coolidge


W. Fiore 2014


She fades, withers, struggles in HIS absence.
Surviving without her SUN — impossible.
Agony with every memory ~
Every breath painful.

Her body staggers with its light source gone.
How did people endure this?
Women throughout the centuries?
She wouldn’t live, she knew.

No brave countenance seeps inward. Only the deep, raw, gaping wound oozes and exposes itself, revealing the anguish of the gash, as it slowly encompasses the last shreds of strength.

Images blurred ~ tunneled and dark as she withdraws from the presence of consciousness.

Voices garbled ~ small and echoing in the distance as she spins down within the deep recesses of her mind.

No comfort offered by anyone has any affect on the mounting lesion.


She will not overcome.

She despairs,
Reaches up for her soul ~
Some vestige of what once was.

HE was here, just moments ago, just days ago, just years ago.

Grasps at the air


Wendy Fiore – 2010