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1. an attitude, disposition, or mood.
2. an intention or inclination.
Mindset holds a crucial key to success.
Everyone has heard it.
We’re all a bit tired of hearing it…probably.
Heading out for a 7 mile run on Sunday, not exactly looking forward to it, everything seemed to go south.
My last attempt at 7 miles failed miserably two weekends prior so I knew a difficult few hours awaited me.
Plus record-breaking heat had moved in…I do not enjoy record-breaking heat.
Plus my brand new cordless (and very expensive) headphones wouldn’t connect.
7 miserable miles in record-breaking heat with no music.
Oh, joy.
My husband had already left on his bike after he altered his plans to drive me out to Sanibel so I had no choice.
I took off running. I figured if nothing else, I’d run until I had “cooled down” (figurative, certainly not literal) a bit.
Sanibel’s population is approximately 7,000.  In February, on a Sunday, approximately 13,000 people come over…for the day.
Yup…that’s according to the statistics, and having seen it with my own eyes, I am inclined to believe it.
So, I ran with the 13,000 people coming over to the island for the day.
Needless to say, my mindset (remember that we were talking about mindset?) wasn’t really that great.
It took about a mile for the “cooling off” to take hold. Runners know this adrenaline high. We kind of love it.
the lack of music didn’t matter. I heard the osprey calls, the constant “on your left” from the tourist cyclists, the “good morning!” from everyone, and the very frequent, “I LOVE YOUR SOCKS!!” from just about everyone. (A necessity, certainly not a fashion choice, but I seemed to entertain everyone.)
I wouldn’t have heard any of that with my music on.
the crowds offered me protection. The hidden areas where I worry when I run in the summer – because what woman runner doesn’t worry throughout her ENTIRE run?? – instead flooded me with the company of those 13,000 visitors. People surrounded me like running with a team of friends.
the 7 miles turned into 8!!! No songs to assist and soldier me on, the sounds of nature, my feet rhythmically hitting the pavement, the variety of music I got to hear from every car stuck in traffic along Periwinkle Way, offered endless entertainment to get me to my goal and beyond.
Mindset affects everything.
“People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort. They outperform those with a fixed mindset, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.”
Travis Bradberry

Should auld acquaintance be forgot


2016 – a particularly pernicious year

It took so many beloved talents.

It made our hearts hurt,

It made our heads spin…


David Bowie and John Glenn, our Starmen waiting in the sky;

Prince, never just our weekend lover;

George Michael, you did belong to us;

Leonard Cohen, our baffled king composing Hallelujah;

Gene Wilder, gave us our pure imagination;

Garry Marshall, oh happy days;

Harper Lee, our mockingbird;

Glenn Frey, flying like an eagle;

Carrie Fisher, our star-born princess;

Debbie Reynolds, good morning, sun beams will soon smile through;

Alan Rickman…always.  How we always wanted you to be 80-years-old, sitting in your rocking chair, reading Harry Potter.



A cruel year, to take our beloved away so extensively.

Then, I realized…

We grew up in “their” time.

We discovered them as they blossomed and became the world’s.

We waited by the radio listening to Casey Kasem announce their rising number on the top 40 charts –

We went as children to the movies, jabbering in the halls between classes how awesome the latest movie was –

WE knew them, and they were OURS…before they became who our children loved and the generations to follow –

They were ours, and they will be…



Wendy Giglio Fiore

January 2017




An entire year. Not one blog post ~

Apparently my blog and I have split.

What a year of distractions (work, Facebook, work, tasks, work, TV, work)

And I allowed them to control me, I have to admit.


I actually avoided even opening my blog.

My heart, which reading through my past posts,

Always had so much to say,

But now it has somehow fallen silent ~ a quiet ghost.


Is my heart no longer moved?

Is it a numb, unfeeling imbecile?

Certainly the murderous rage from the anesthetized continues.

Have I become apathetic, the attacks that are now so predictable?


Perhaps it’s a little bit of guilt

For a life overflowing with blessings,

A year filled with love, family health, and happiness.

To write of it a blow ~ a slap in the face to a world marred by weapons.


Whatever the cause,

Whatever the major inducement,

I must no longer allow my heart and mind to be muted.

A resolution made for my own well-being and improvement.


Happy New Year ~ 2016

Wendy Giglio Fiore – January 3, 2016